Comprehensive skin & hair care with Moringa Oil

Moringa: gold, liquid, light and smelling of roast nuts oil is going to provide you with a comprehensive beauty care. It is versatile and once you try it out, it will stay in your bathroom forever. What are the beauty uses for moringa? We guarantee that it will take your whole body over. Feel free to apply it to:

skin-care.jpg1. Hair

It’s a great oil for hair oiling treatment because it is easy to apply and it is absorbed extremely quickly. It will stop hair loss and make it shiny and bouncy. Hair ends will be nourished and protected.

2. Hands

It can be rubbed to hands instead of hand lotions – we don’t have to worry that a greasy layer stays on our hands and smudges everything and everyone around. The oil also takes care of the nail plate and protects cuticles, preventing them from drying and cracking.

3. Feet

The oil is perfect for nourishing dry and rough foot skin. It can be used as an exfoliating scrub – add sugar, coffee, rolled oats or apricot seeds to the oil. They have to be crumbled first. Massage feet with the prepared scrub for more or less five minutes. Next, wash it away and rub in a cream, moringa oil or other cosmetic oil e.g. coconut.

4. Body

It can replace a body lotion. It is absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave greasy layer but your skin will be moisturized and elastic. A few drops of the oil can be added to your bath. It can also be applied several times a day to very dry parts of the body – elbows and knees.

5. Face

The oil can be used as a face serum (preferably in the evening, under your night face cream). You can also gently tap it in the thin skin under the eyes. During the day, it will serve as a foundation or lipstick base.

The oil can also be added to masks applied to face. This will enhance their performance. One or two drops of oil are enough for one portion of the mask.

Delicate, efficient and gentle – moringa oil is also perfect for oil cleansing method (OCM). It will remove make up and impurities from the face effectively.