Oil from “miracle tree”: Incredible properties of Moringa Oil

Far far away at the foot of world’s largest mountains there was a tree, by many called “tree of life”… This might be the beginning of the story about incredible properties of a tree. The seeds of this tree are the source of the oil possessing equally incredible properties. As we are not going to tell you stories but only real and scientifically proved facts, let us stop using this storytelling style. Ladies and gentlemen – here’s the list of most important information about miraculous moringa tree:


  1. Every part of oil-bearing moringa tree is useful.
  2. Moringa is like a mythical Hydra namely it is also miraculous as even after cutting, it grows back and doesn’t need productive land to grow up. That’s why in Africa it was named nebedies meaning tree that never dies.
  3. There’s even more wonderfulness. Crashed fruits of Moringa are able to clean even extremely contaminated water. Just think what it might mean in global context considering that poor hygiene, miserable sanitary conditions and contaminated water kill over one and a half million of people all over the world.
  4. Powder from moringa leaves is irreplaceable in fighting with undernourishment or bad eating habits. It contains ALL AMINO ACIDS, AS MANY AS 46 ANTIOXIDANTS, ALMOST ALL VITAMINS AND OUTSTANDING AMOUNT OF FATTY ACIDS. For example:
    • contains about 1.5 times more amino acids than eggs
    • nearly 2 times more fibre than wheat seeds
    • almost 5 times more vitamin E than wheat shoots
    • almost 7 times more vitamins from group B than yeast
    • almost 9 times more iron than beef loin
    • 25 times more iron than in spinach
    • 15 times more potassium than in bananas
    • 17 times more calcium than milk
    • 10 times more vitamin A than in a carrot
    • possesses 37 times better oxidative properties than grapes…
    • … and the list of the super powers could go much longer
  5. The presence of all the healthful acids, vitamins, amino acids makes the tree greatly repair our organism. It regulates hypertension, works antibacterial, fights various harmful to our body fungi, rids of viruses, ventilates the brain, takes care of our bones and teeth, incerases lactation in young breastfeeding mums, protecs the liver and heart.

What about cosmetic properties of moringa tree? Here we also have good news. All vitamins, minerals and fatty acids included in the oil can effectively help us fight for beautiful hair, body, skin and nails. Its versatility is impressive. So:

  1. AS A FACE SERUM – provides perfect cleaning and nourishing. It will clean the pores and make all the unwanted skin changes heal faster. It will also fight wrinkles and keep beautiful young skin even in crucial parts under eyes.
  2. ADDED TO A MASK – it can be added to face and body mask but also to hair mask. After the first use, you will see spectacular effects of making your skin revitalized, rejuvenated and regenerated.
  3. AS BODY OIL – applied to dry or damp skin will make you enjoy beautiful and firm body for a long time.
  4. ADDED TO SHOWER GEL OR HAIR SHAMPOO – it will fight all irritations and infections on your body and also provide skin with protectin during hair removal.
  5. AS A COMPRESS OR MASK FOR HANDS AND FEET – wonderfully nourishes, regenerates and rejuvenates
  6. IN HAIR OILING – you just need to see it for yourself. Healthy, shiny, moistrized, perfectly thick and strong hair.

Last impressive fact: it doesn’t have to be kept in the refrigerator because in room temperature it doesn’t go rancid or lose its wonderful properties.